James McCrery not only has a command of the forms of Classical Architecture, he also understands the theological and spiritual resonance that an ecclesiastical space must have. Leonard Porter, Classical painter and artist

Mr. McCrery serves as a frequent lecturer and guest critic for several architecture and art institutions in the United States:

“The Nature of Tradition and the loss of Democratic Ideals in Federal Architecture”

To the U.S. General Services Administration, Washington, DC. June 1, 2007.

“The Enlightenment and its Difficulties for Architectural Tradition”

University of Notre Dame School of Architecture. October 2006.

“The Modern vs. Tradition”

Mr. McCrery Spoke on Behalf of Tradition’s virtues in a Presidential Debate Format. To Virginia Chapters of the AIA at George Mason University, Spring 2006.

Architecture and the Building Crafts: the Ongoing Vital Relationship”

To the Lost Crafts Association in Richmond, Virginia Winter 2004.