McCrery Architects was founded by James McCrery in January 2007.

McCrery Architects is a Limited Liability Company solely owned by James McCrery.

James McCrery is a Registered Architect and is certified by the National Council of Architectural Review Boards (NCARB) — an organization that eases professional reciprocity of licensure from State to State.

McCrery Architects readily accepts commissions throughout the United States.

McCrery Architects carries professional liability insurance in the amount of $2,000,000.00 per claim. Individual clients may request that the level of insurance be increased for their projects. No claims have ever been made against McCrery Architects.

* The initial portions of this commission were completed by James McCrery as Project Designer and Partner in Charge of this project while at his previous firm: Franck Lohsen McCrery Architects. Upon McCrery’s departure from that firm, the Client-Owner transferred the ongoing project to McCrery Architects.

** James McCrery established Franck Lohsen McCrery in October 2000. While there, James McCrery was the designer and the principal in charge of all the firm’s projects for the Catholic Church. James built a substantial portfolio of commissions. In January 2007 James McCrery left the firm to establish his independent practice McCrery Architects. This has afforded James the ability to better concentrate his architectural vocation in service to the Church.