We appreciate your professionalism and sensitive approach to the design process. Producing a product at the highest level of traditional craftsmanship is our primary goal and we know that we will have this opportunity whenever we work with your firm. Patrick Cardine, Master metalworker and head of Cardine Studios

McCrery Architects, LLC provides its clients with architectural services that contribute to the centuries-long unfolding of artistic and architectural excellence.

The firm’s work ranges in scale from the statue pedestal for President Reagan now standing in the rotunda of the United States Capitol to the master plan of more than 500,000 square feet of mixed use development in the heart of Washington, DC. There is no project too large or too small for McCrery Architects.

The firm’s design style is not narrowly defined except to say that the firm is committed to Tradition and Excellence. McCrery Architects has worked in the Gothic, Neo-Classical, Beaux Arts, Early Christian, Baroque, Shingle, and many other styles. The approach to each style is to truly understand the style’s history and uses so that the style may be properly put to contemporary use.

McCrery Architects, LLC’s design process consists of the following phases:
a. Pre-Design

  1. Survey of Existing Conditions
  2. Programming
  3. Master Planning
  4. Project Budget Planning

b. Schematic Design

  1. Site Design
  2. Building Design
  3. Zoning Documents and Permit Applications

c. Design Development

  1. Structural and Mechanical
  2. Contractor Bid Set

d. Construction Documents

  1. Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Coordination
  2. Material and Finish Selection
  3. Construction Documents

e. Construction Administration

  1. Site Visits
  2. Shop Drawing Review
  3. Client Advocacy at Construction Site

f. Additional Services

  1. Renderings