The New Mount Carmel of America Monastery

Park County, Wyoming

The central focus of this new 150,000 square foot Carmelite Monastery to be built in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming is the French Gothic Chapel with flying buttresses and its twin bell towers. The entire monastery flows from and back to the central Chapel. Directly to the east of the Chapel, is the Lady Chapel which is situated in the middle of the Grand Cloister surrounded by thirty hermitage dwellings – one for each monk. On the south side of the chapel is the octagonal Chapter House and the Chapter Cloister buildings which house the preparatory, lavabo, refectory, and infirmary. To the north is the Novitiate Wing for young men discerning their vocations in the Carmelite Order. Finally, to the west of the Chapel is the Gatehouse wing with guest quarters, the Great Hall, and meeting rooms for the public. The monastery is carefully master-planned for phased construction. The design incorporates a wide array of sustainable principals which will allow for the monks’ very long term use and minimized maintenance costs. It also addresses the concerns arising out of the site’s unique challenges and the impact of weather 8,000 feet above sea level. Most importantly, the monastery design is arranged so as to render a more perfect setting for the monks’ constant life of prayer so that they are able to fully live in accordance with their constitution and fulfill their charism.

Commissioned by Father Daniel Mary, Prior.

Watch the Refectory Walkthrough