Saint Thomas Aquinas Chapel

Washington, District of Columbia

Situated within the Dominican House of Studies

Interior improvements to an existing chapel to better serve the Dominican seminarians in their study to become priests. The design provides a chapel at one end of the room and a homiletics lab at the opposite end. The sanctuary was extended and the existing marble altar was restored and relocated away from the sanctuary wall so as to accommodate both rites of the Mass. Additional improvements include new stained glass windows, as well as a wooden beam ceiling with decorative church symbols gilded and painted on the ceilings.

Commissioned by the Reverend Giles Dimock, OP, Prior.

James took a very lackluster side chapel with some fine pieces and created an exquisite oratory that allowed the existing Victorian altar and statues to shine in their new setting which respected them and created a Gothic ethos for them. All the while, he was easy to work with and practical, in terms of understanding today’s liturgical norms. I cannot praise him too highly. Very Reverend Giles Dimock, O.P., Prior of the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, DC